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Cozy Noxxiez Animal Blanket Hoodies - Kids Wearable Blankets, Comfy Toddler Fleece Poncho, Children Hooded Cape, Plush Soft Throw.

Cute animals: Our colorful blanket hoodies feature wild woodland animals including a sheep, sloth, hedgehog, reindeer, flamingo, a turtle, koala and a husky. With designs including white, dark and light brown, pink, black green, grey and black there is an attractive choice for any boy or girl.

Multiuse: Our kids comfy hoodie blanket is great for a lazy day on the couch, bed or in the car as a small travel blanket. Fold it up for a pillow, add it to a bedding set for additional security while sleeping. Use in place of a towel to keep warm after a bath or playtime at the beach or pool.

Useful futures: Includes a corner pocket with animal paw for hands and a stuffed animal head hood that kids can wear. This cozy hoodie is made from supersoft fleece for extra comfort. Sized to perfection at 130 cm x 100 cm it is n . Great gift for kids or adults.

Fun express: Noxxiez kids fleece blankets are high quality. Kids love having a pet like blanket poncho that they can wear and play with. Make a fort or play imaginative games. Wrap up for a comfy nap or snuggle during a movie. Pack in a bag for sleepy toddlers or a baby when on the go.

Fuzzy blanket fabric: Our soft hoodie is fun to cuddle, wear and play with. Each blankey features a different critter with realistic features including ears, a face, horns and paws. Cozily wraps around for a body blanket for a child, teen or adult. Good present for a happy birthday or Christmas.