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Cozy Noxxiez Plush Foot Warmers - Cute Cosy One-piece Animal Slippers Cuddly Soft Cushion For Kids & Adults 

Furry slippers: Kids love the cute and funny animal footwarmer designs that can double as a toy. They are the perfect size for travel and are completely portable. Easily store them in a bag or carry it with you. These fluffy, warm slippers can go with you in the car, to the office or just use them at home.

High quality materials: Created with durability in mind, our plush slippers are made with soft, thick fibers to cushion cold feet from toe to ankle. Animal body is completely filled to ensure the foot warmer keeps its shape. All pieces are carefully secured on slipper to ensure a long lasting use.

Comfy feet: Warm up your feet without the hassle of outlets and USB charging that comes from heated foot warmers by simply putting your feet inside foot pouches. The super soft filling and comfy interior will heat up naturally without risk of burning or overheating. Ideal for indoor use.

Perfect gift: Cute and cuddly stuffed animals become well loved friends and keep you company as well as toasty without being too hot! Makes for an excellent children's present for a birthday, Christmas or other special event. Men, women, teens and the elderly can enjoy them as presents too!

Experience relaxation: Slip off your boots or shoes and put on these cute slippers at any time of the day or night. You will find them to be perfect for relaxing on the sofa or bed. Wear them while watching television, playing games working on the computer, knitting or reading a book.