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Cozy Noxxiez Handwarmer cuddly pillow

Our collection of round cuddly toys have many uses. They can be used as a soft pillow in bed, car, plane or on the couch. Children love to play with these stuffed animals. Each cuddly pillow has an opening on both sides, where children can put their hands. This ensures wonderfully warm hands, warmed by body heat. Putting the hands inside will make children feel safe and official. It also makes it convenient to keep the pillow in the right position while using it as a car, in the airplane pillow or on the train. Kids love to hide their treasures in these cuddly toys.

Cozy Noxxiez Cuddle blanket with hood

Let children relax with the Cozy Noxxiez cuddly blankets. All blankets have a warm hood in the shape of our favorite characters. Includes 2 pockets for children to put their hands in. The cuddly blankets are made of super soft fleece for extra comfort. Large format of 130 cm x 100 cm, so that children can develop wonderfully in the blanket. A great gift for children. The blanket will keep you warm on the couch, in bed, on the beach, by the pool or outside. The high quality Noxxiez fleece blankets for children. Kids love having a blanket poncho that they can wear and play with. Ideal for role play and to stimulate the imagination. As a blanket during a nap or to work in during a movie.

Cozy Noxxiez Giant Foot Warmers

Kids love the cute and fun animal shapes, the foot warmers can also be used to play with. These fluffy, warm slippers can be used on the couch, in bed, while gaming or while traveling. These giant slippers are made for 2 feet! Walking in these slippers is not possible. Simply warm up your feet by putting both feet in the foot warmer. The super soft filling and comfortable interior provide natural warming, without the risk of burning or overheating. Ideal for indoor use. Provides relaxation on cold days or evenings. Made with durability in mind, our plush slippers are made from soft, thick fabric to warm cold feet from toe to ankle. The slippers are produced with the greatest care to ensure a long-lasting use.

Cozy Noxxiez Animal Stools

Decorate a children's room, playroom or your living room with one of the stylish Noxxiez children's stools. The stools can be used for sitting, resting your feet or
to play with. A padded cushion on the seat provides extra seating comfort. The Noxxiez stools fit into any interior, thanks to the different models.

Cozy Noxxiez Cozy Axolotl Cuddles

Soft and Cuddly Plush Toy: Kids will love the look and feel of this plush friend! The ears of this stuffed animal are made of shiny fabrics and have a cute tail, which are cute and lively and irresistible. Take it with you everywhere: Stuffed toys are 20 centimeters long, so very suitable to take with you. You can take it to any place you want and it will accompany you like a friend. Soothing Playmate: The cute plush animal toy is very popular with kids. It is a good soothing toy and small playmate.